Corona Virus | How to stay safe at Home from corona virus

Ayurvedic physicians advise on how to protect yourself from the coronavirus.

Corona Virus | How to stay safe at Home from corona virus
Stay safe from Coronavirus

In this year the most scared name is a coronavirus. China is the most affected country of this virus. The scientist failed to invent virus medicine. But some health specialist talk is different. They highly recommended homemade medicine and personal care is a better cure for coronavirus. If you maintain the rules you will be safe from this virus. 


Garlic for Coronavirus


Garlic is the most medicinal food for our health, it has some medicinal quality for growing our body immunity. If you regularly eat boiled garlic your body cell will always work fine and it helps you to be safe from coronavirus.  



Ginger For coronavirus


You already know that if you feel thirsty this situation is appealing to your coronavirus. That's for, doctors and health specialists always advise to you carry on the water with you and drink after a minute. Ginjer is the most powerful medicinal spicy food and it's especially used for throat problems. It helps you to not get a thirsty throat. So, you can always carry ginger in your pocket or bag.


Also, doctors and pharmacists advised following these rules


  • Drink always boiled water
  • Clean your home 
  • Keep clean your cloth
  • Using masks is mandatory when you go outside from home.
  • Avoid public places.
  • Avoid half boiled food.
  • Ignore the people who are suffering with cold.
  • Make distance from Street animals.
  • Do not visit animal firms. 
  • Always clean your hand with soap or hand wash.



WHO (world health organization) releases a report if we can't control the virus 60% of people will be attacked by a coronavirus. Scientists are trying to invent this virus medicine.and Doctor are advising you  If you follow the rules you can be safe from this virus. For you friends and family safety share this doctor advice and safe from Coronavirus.