How do I create a rule for sharing?

What is a sharing rule?

Use sharing rules to extend sharing access to users in public groups, roles, or territories. Sharing rules give particular users greater access by making automatic exceptions to your org-wide sharing settings.

Can we set criteria in sharing rules?

You can create criteria-based sharing rules for accounts, assets, campaigns, cases, contacts, leads, opportunities, work orders, and custom objects. For the sharing criteria, record types and these field types are supported.

What are the components of a sharing rule?

Each sharing rule has three components. Share which records? You can share records owned by certain users or meeting certain criteria. Criteria-based sharing rules determine what records to share based on field values other than ownership. With which users?

What are the types of sharing rules?

What are types of sharing rules in salesforce?

  • Managed Sharing:- …
  • Record Ownership. …
  • Role Hierarchy. …
  • Sharing Rules. …
  • User Managed Sharing, also known as Manual Sharing. …
  • Apex Managed Sharing.
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Can you create sharing rules for detail object?

Yes you cant create sharing rule on detail side of the object. Child objects don’t have a share-record of their own and will be shared along with the master record. In case of Lookup: Child objects can have their own sharing access level and ownership.

What is the difference between sharing rules and permission sets?

You can share records owned by certain users or meeting certain criteria. Permission sets only provide general permissions to objects.

What is the difference between sharing rule and sharing set?

Sharing sets use profiles to give record access to a group of users, unlike sharing rules, which use roles and public groups.

Which 2 methods can be used to share records using sharing rules?

There are 2 types of Sharing Rules in Salesforce based on which records to be shared:

  • Owner Based: Owner based shares the records owned by certain users. Owners can be identified through public groups, roles and roles, and sub-ordinates.
  • 2. Criteria Based: Criteria based shares the records that meet certain criteria.

What is owner based sharing rule?

An owner-based sharing rule opens access to records owned by certain users. A criteria-based sharing rule determines who to share records with based on field values. A guest user sharing rule is a special type of criteria-based sharing rule and the only way to grant record access to unauthenticated guest users.

How many criteria-based sharing rules can be created on a single object?

Note You can define up to 300 total sharing rules for each object, including up to 50 criteria-based or guest user sharing rules, if available for the object.

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How do I create a shared set in Salesforce?

Set Up Sharing Sets

  1. From Setup, enter Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Settings.
  2. In the Sharing Sets related list, click New to create a sharing set.
  3. In the Sharing Set Edit page, fill in the Label and Sharing Set Name fields. …
  4. Enter a description.

On which object we Cannot create sharing rule?

In the list that you provided Custom Objects controlled by parent ( detail in Master Detail relationship) can not have sharing rule.

How do I create a criteria based sharing rule in Salesforce?

For the rule type, select Based on criteria. Specify the field, operator, and value criteria that records must match to be included in the sharing rule. The fields available depend on the object selected, and the value is always a literal number or string.