How do I share files on a server?

How do I make my server share files?

Please follow this procedure to create a share:

  1. Click on the Server Manager icon ( …
  2. Select File and Storage Services, then Shares.
  3. Right-click in the blank area on the right side and select New Share. …
  4. For basic setup, select SMB Share – Quick, then Next.

How do I share files on a Windows server?

Windows File Server shares can be created using Server Manager or by right mouse clicking on any folder and choosing “Sharing” on the sharing tab to create a share that can be mapped by PC’s.

How are files shared in a server environment?

Types of File Sharing

There are two ways to share files over a network: directly between two computers or between a computer and a server. When a file is shared between a computer and a server, the computer uploads the file to a storage area on the server where you can share it with others.

How do I share a folder on a file server?

Share a folder with the file explorer

  1. Right click on the folder 1 and click on Properties 1 .
  2. Go to the Sharing tab 1 and click on Advanced Sharing 2 .
  3. Check the box Share this folder 1 and click on Permissions 2 .
  4. Configure sharing permissions as needed 1 then click Apply 2 and OK 3 .
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How do I create a shared folder between two servers?

How to share a common folder with primary and secondary servers

  1. Right click on the folder you wish to share and click on Properties.
  2. Under Sharing tab, Click on Advanced Sharing.
  3. Check the Share this folder option and provide a Share Name.
  4. Click on Permissions.

How do I share a file in Windows Server 2016?

Share a Folder in Windows Server 2016

  1. Right-click and click properties of a folder that you want to share in your network.
  2. Select Sharing tab and click Advanced Sharing option.
  3. Under Advanced Sharing option, check Share this folder option.

How do I open a shared folder in Windows Server?

Right click on the Computer icon on the desktop. From the drop down list, choose Map Network Drive. Pick a drive letter that you want to use to access the shared folder and then type in the UNC path to the folder. UNC path is just a special format for pointing to a folder on another computer.

How do I share files on a network?

How do I share files or folders over a network now?

  1. Right-click or press a file, select Give access to > Specific people.
  2. Select a file, select the Share tab at the top of File Explorer, and then in the Share with section select Specific people.

What is sharing of files How do you make a file sharing?

Share with specific people

  1. Select the file you want to share.
  2. Click Share or Share .
  3. Under “Share with people and groups,” enter the email address you want to share with.
  4. To change what people can do to your doc, on the right, click the Down arrow. …
  5. Choose to notify people. …
  6. Click Share or Send.
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What is a file share server?

File servers allow users to share information across a network without the need to physically transfer files via floppy diskette, or any other storage device. It’s simply a computer that can be used to provide information and software to customers, employees, and other computers.

How do I give access to server folder?

Granting Access to a File or Folder

  1. Access the Properties dialog box.
  2. Select the Security tab.
  3. Click Edit. …
  4. Click Add… …
  5. In the Enter the object names to select text box, type the name of the user or group that will have access to the folder (e.g., 2125. …
  6. Click OK. …
  7. Click OK on the Security window.

How do I share a folder?

Choose who to share with

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. Click the folder you want to share.
  3. Click Share .
  4. Under “People,” type the email address or Google Group you want to share with.
  5. To choose how a person can use the folder, click the Down arrow .
  6. Click Send. An email is sent to people you shared with.