How much can I receive in my Blockchain wallet?

Does Blockchain wallet have a limit?

There is absolutely no limit for Blockchain wallet to receive Bitcoin. Every other wallet has no limit on the bitcoin you can receive. It is limitless.

Does Bitcoin wallet have limit?

There is no limit to the number of Bitcoin wallets that can be created. However, each Bitcoin wallet has a maximum limit for the number of bitcoins that can be stored in it. That limit is around 21 million.

Does Blockchain have sending and receiving limit?

There is also a $1,200 limit in place for card orders per transaction, and a $25,000 limit in place for open banking, ACH or wire transfers. The minimum order amount is $5, and the maximum order amount is $500,000.

How much can I receive on Blockchain Silver level?

This level allows transfers and trades with cryptocurrencies but not reserve funds. Silver Level users have a yearly withdrawal limit of $1,999 U.S. worth of cryptocurrencies.

How many Blockchain bitcoins can I get without verification?

Verification: No verification is needed up to the limit of $400.00. Features: Provides premium service to buy Bitcoin in just 3 hours. Secure and fast transactions.

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