Who is the youngest investor in India?

Who is youngest richest person in India?

A school dropout is today’s India’s youngest billionaire. Nikhil Kamath is the youngest member of Forbes India’s 100 richest 2020 list. He is one of the best traders and a philanthropist who actively supported Bengaluru during the Covid-19 pandemic through a mass feeding programme.

Who is the richest kid in India?

Top 10 Richest Kids in India

  • Vanisha Mittal (Daughter of Lakshmi Mittal)
  • Rishad Premji (Son of Azim Premji)
  • Adar Poonawalla (Son of Cyrus Poonawalla)
  • Roshni Nadar Malhotra (Daughter of Shiv Nadar)
  • Ashni Biyani ( Daughter of Kishore Biyani)
  • Kavin Bharti Mittal (Son of Sunil Mittal)
  • Karan Adani (Son of Gautam Adani)

Who is the richest teenage in India?

Top Richest Kids in India

  • Anant Ambani. …
  • Rishad Premji. …
  • Adar Poonawalla. …
  • Roshni Nadar Malhotra. …
  • Aditya Burman. …
  • Kavin Bharti Mittal. …
  • Ananya Birla. Ananya Birla is Singer, Founder of Svatantra Microfin. …
  • Karan Adani. Karan Adani CEO, Adani Ports & SEZ Limited and Director, Adani Airport Holdings Limited.
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Who is youngest business man in India?

Pratham Chaudhary proves his mettle and emerges as youngest entrepreneur | India News | Zee News.

Is Ritesh Agarwal a billionaire?

From a small-town boy who used to sell SIM cards in Odisha, Ritesh Agarwal became one of the world’s youngest self-made billionaires. He featured in the Hurun Rich List 2020 with a net worth of $1.1 billion.

Who is the richest girl in India?

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

World Rank: 906 | Net Worth: $3.3 billion | Industry: Biopharmaceuticals | She is one of India’s richest self-made women, who founded one of India’s largest listed biopharmaceutical firms by revenue, in 1978.

Who is the richest YouTuber in India?

Here’s the list of the 5 richest YouTubers of India.

  1. Ajey Nagar. Ajey Nagar, popularly known as CarryMinati, is an Indian YouTuber and streamer and has over 35 million subscribers. …
  2. Bhuvan Bam. …
  3. Ashish Chanchlani. …
  4. Amit Bhadana. …
  5. Gaurav Chaudhary.

Is Ritesh Agarwal youngest billionaire?

His net worth in 2020 was estimated to be approximately $1.1 billion (₹7253 crore) according to Hurun Rich List 2020. As of February 2020, he is the second youngest self-made billionaire in the world after Kylie Jenner.

Who is Dubai richest kid?

Next to make headlines in the ring might be the Emirati rich kid Rashed Belhasa, more commonly known as Money Kicks, who turned 20 on January 5.

Who was India first billionaire?

Top 25 richest Indians

Rank Name Sources of wealth
1 Mukesh Ambani Petrochemicals, telecom, retail
2 Gautam Adani Commodities, ports, power generation and transmission, real estate, defense, airport and data centre
3 Shiv Nadar IT services and consulting
4 Cyrus Poonawalla Vaccines

Who is the richest actor in India?

List of Top 10 Richest Actors in India

  • Shahrukh Khan. The King of Romance, aka Shahrukh Khan, is the richest actor in India. …
  • Amitabh Bachchan. Big B is next on our list of the top 10 richest actors in India. …
  • Hrithik Roshan. …
  • Akshay Kumar. …
  • Salman Khan. …
  • Aamir Khan. …
  • Ram Charan. …
  • Kamal Haasan.

Who is the richest celebrity kid?

Blue Ivy Carter is another name that tops the list of the wealthiest kids around the world. Born to popular singers Beyonce and Jay-Z, it is believed that Blue Carter has inherited $1 billion.

Who is the youngest CEO in India?

He took charge as CEO at the age of 17, three years after founding the company.

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Suhas Gopinath
Born 4 November 1986 Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Occupation Entrepreneur

Who is the No 1 entrepreneur in India?

1. Mukesh Ambani. Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani was born on 19 April 1957 is an Indian businessman.