Your question: Are Coles shares worth buying?

Is Coles stock a good buy?

Morgans currently has an add rating and price target of $19.80. This implies a potential return of 10.3% over the next 12 months, which stretches to almost 14% if you include dividends. All in all, this could make the Coles share price a decent option for income investors next week.

Is Coles a good long term investment?

One of the attractive things about Coles is that as it steadily increases its profit over the long-term, Coles can also see its dividend grow too. Coles is committed to paying a relatively high dividend payout ratio to shareholders. This boosts shareholder returns.

How much is Coles worth 2021?

Market cap history of Coles Group from 2018 to 2022

Year Market cap Change
2021 $17.21 B -1%
2020 $17.39 B 22.24%
2019 $14.22 B 26.41%
2018 $11.25 B

Do Coles shareholders get a discount?

A discount card for shareholders is not currently planned because we believe that the fairest and best way to reward shareholders is by providing a satisfactory return to shareholders through the payment of dividends and a strong share price. Coles Group reports are provided in Adobe® Acrobat® format.

What company owns Coles?

Coles announced that it will be paying an interim dividend worth 33 cents per share, fully franked.

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Who are Coles major shareholders?

Wesfarmers, which formerly owned Coles after demerging the company in November 2018, was the company’s largest shareholder with a 15 per cent stake. It had been widely expected to sell some of its 200 million shares in recent days. Wesfarmers has sold a 4.9 per cent stake in supermarket giant Coles.

Who owns Coles in Australia?

Wesfarmers acquired Coles Group Ltd for $19.3 billion, in Australia’s biggest corporate takeover.

How many shares do Coles have?

Key Fundamentals

Shares Issued 1,336,172,069
Sector Consumer Defensive
Similar Companies EDV / CCL / TWE
EPS $0.744
DPS $0.61

Does Coles pay a dividend?

In 2020, the grocer paid out two fully franked dividends – an interim payment of 30 cents per share, and a final dividend of 27.5 cents per share. 2021 saw Coles build on that record. It doled out an increased interim dividend of 33 cents per share, as well as the final dividend of 28 cents.

Is Bunnings owned by Coles?

Parent company Wesfarmers owns Bunnings along with a clutch of other prominent retail chains, including Target, Kmart and Officeworks. After its demerger of Coles in 2018, the hardware chain is now the business’ key earner, making up about 55 per cent of the conglomerate’s earnings.

What was the issue price of Coles shares?

The company opened its first day of trading with a share price of $12.49.

Other floats & IPOs around the same time as Coles Group Limited (COL)

Security Code OPH
Listing 19 Dec 2018
Issue Price $2.15
Current Price $3.05
Gain 41.86%
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